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Update word document activity - checkbox check problem

asked on March 3

Hello Sir,

I have one word file with some individual checkbox inside it.

How we will able to check or uncheck that checkboxes using "Update word document" activity in laserfiche.

Actually we are creating one Laserfiche forms and all values of forms passed in workflow and based on that checkbox checked or unchecked.

Currently we are not able to find variable of checkbox in "Update word document" ; so please help me out for the same.

Also when we import from activity ; we are not able to search any fields within word document. (see Blank Field Name.png )



Blank Field Name.png
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replied on March 3 Show version history


You need to use a merge field in order for the field to show up in the Update word componet, it is very particular in that.


In your specfic use case ( radio buttons / check boxes) you need to use a conditional Merge Field.

Below is the one I used to create the output from Laserfiche Cloud Workflow using the Update Word workflow task with a Laserfiche form Input.

Be mindful, that just typing it out in word will not do.. You need to use the CTRL+F9 to create the outter conditonal brackets and then build your if statement with a merge field (Insert>QuickParts>MergeField) then insert your symbols (I find Windgings work best) into the Yes and No sections like above.

Remember to exit out of the design mode (ALT+F9) and save the word doc before uploading to LF Workflow.

Here is the URL of the LF form so you can see it works!

Select Yes or No and enter your email, it will send you the merged document back to you VIA email.

Good luck!

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replied on March 3

Thanks for reply.

Kindly provide me word document which you are using currently.

I am not that much good in word; so please help me for the same.




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replied on March 4

if possible , please share me word document and screenshot of update word document activity with settings inside it for better idea.




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replied on March 4

Please find the attached file which , I have created and here  "%(Yes A)" is my LF variable name.

But still it shows nothing ; so please help me.

s3.docx (11.58 KB)
Formula.png (2.57 KB)
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replied on March 4

Hi Pratik,

I think the % or () is what is breaking this for you.

I took your word doc (S3_1.docx Attached) and changed the %(Yes A) to Yes and it worked for me.

I then changed the symbol to something different (S3_2.docx Attached) and that worked as well.

Attached is the PDF output from the workflow. S3_2.pdf

Are you using Cloud or On Prem?

Also here is the screenshots you requested as well.

WF Overview:

Update Word Componet:

Merge Field Configuration:


s3_1.docx (11.59 KB)
s3_2.docx (11.61 KB)
s3_2.pdf (20.32 KB)
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replied on March 4

Thanks for solution and support.

But for when we "Convert to PDF" it works fine but when we not select that options its shows word file without proper output. ( see word file output.png ) 

Also attached generated word file for your reference.




Word file output.png
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replied on March 4

Hi Pratik,

When I open the word doc above it displays properly.

Maybe your word is in design mode. Select ALT+F9 again and try it again.


I unchecked generate PDF my configuration and tested and it works as expected.

Does it work for you?

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replied on March 5

Yes it works for me. Thanks for support and your time. 

Let me talk to my team and update you if any problem.



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