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Feature Request - RIO vs AVANTE managing fingerprint changes

asked on March 24, 2016


I think we do all understand what's the fingerprint for and how to reactivate a license when fingerprint does change.

Most of the Avante systems are sold to smaller organizations but RIO systems are generally for bigger organizations and this system becomes essensial to be up and running all the time.  Even if we take proper precautions to insure fingerprint doesn't change, it may still happen and then, this is a crisis situation at the customer site.

I would however like to suggest to Laserfiche developpers another way of handling fingerprint changes on RIO systems:

- As long as the remote server (That has LF modules) can communicate to the RIO licensing module, the licensing service can determine if modules on this server are still allowed to run and relicensing could then be automatic.  No need to generate a new license file manually, copy it to the remote server and then restart services. 

- In other situations, if the Laserfiche modules can't reach out to the licensing module, the following could be done:

a) The licensing server can't be reached because of a Network Outage, an email notification could be implemented in every LF modules where it could send out an email to a predetermined email address (this could be configured on the licensing server side and these info are pushed via the licensing communication between both licensing module and LF modules.

b) uninstalling RIO licensing module and moving it to another server will then create a licensing issue and then manual relicensing may be required, but because we are attaching the Customer licensing database info in this moving process, the licensing server knows where are located each remote LF modules so it could initiate communication and update the licensing information.

I think this would reduce crisis situation at these larger organisation where the Laserfiche system is as critical system as their other corporate applications.


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replied on March 29, 2016 Show version history

We will be introducing automatic license updates for Laserfiche Rio 11, so that when changes are made via the Laserfiche Directory Server interface, installed LF products will notice and pull the changes automatically, thus avoiding the need for a license file regeneration.

We'll look closely at your suggestions regarding the other issues. Thank you for taking the time to write up these ideas and concerns.

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replied on March 30, 2016

Thanks for this reply Michael, greatly appreciated.

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