posted on July 8, 2015

We recently migrated from Rio 9.0 to 9.2 on our production servers, and it went very smoothly with relatively few complications. However, one complication came from the migration from License Manager to Directory Server. Our License Manager (LM) data came over without issue, but we found one nuance that I want to warn others about.


The installation and migration of data to Directory Server went well, but during the site creation process there is a step where you establish the 'Display Name', 'Database Server', and 'Database Name'. I named the Display Name as 'Directory Server' and the Database Name as 'LF_DirectoryServer'.


The following day our test Rio server and our Quickfields stations had an invalid licensing notification. Recreating the licenses from Directory Server resolved the issue, but I wanted to understand why it occurred. I reached out to our VAR, Unity Business Systems, and we were about to determine a probable cause of the issue.


Within the old and new LICX, license, files we compared the values found within, and we found only one notable difference between the two files. The file has a tag within it named LicenseDatabase. In the old LICX file, its value was "RIODB", the name of our old License Manager installation. The value within the newly generated LICX file was 'Directory Server' which was the value I gave as the Display Name.

Lesson learned is that during a Rio migration I should have named the 'Display Name' the same as the old License Manager database name. This, in theory, should prevent this issue from happening to someone else. We have had no additional licensing issues with Directory Server since reissuing the Quickfields and test server licenses.

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