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Where we found $48K for Laserfiche upgrades

posted on October 1, 2014

I just wanted to put his out there in case you might be able to use this technique to add-on a component to Laserfiche such as Records Management, Quick Fields, etc. You might even be able to upgrade so you can get Workflow. If you don't have Workflow, I am sure you are trying to figure out a way to get it!

The last 8 years have been a roller coaster in the public sector. Some states recovered from the recession quicker than others.  Here in Florida, we were one of the very last, but that didn't keep us from upgrading to Avante. We had to get creative. Here is how we found the funds:

My position is based out of the Clerk's office rather than Information Systems even though I am an IS admin. This has let me in on a few little-known budgetary secrets in the Clerk's office. We have to budget $24K a year for elections. If all the constituents are unopposed, then there is no election and those funds are up for grabs. Since we knew about it, we had already planned on spending the funds on Laserfiche upgrades. One of the years, we had to fight to keep those funds rather than give them to away to another department. This led me to believe that it is possible to maneuver yourself to scoop them up - even if the Clerk's office had plans for them. I believe you would just need to get approval before the Clerk's office does.

The details may vary greatly from municipality to municipality, but the idea is this: look into what happens if there is no election held. Can you use those funds? Reserve them before you know if there will be an election!

It would be more of a 'bonus' than planned revenue, but if your budget is tight, it is better than no plan at all.

We were lucky and had no election 3 years in a row. We bought what we wanted and had extra funds for other projects. I hope you can use this little gamble to your advantage :)

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replied on July 7, 2015

Chris:  Thanks for the insight!  Here in California budgeting and finding dollars is ALWAYS  a significant challenge.  The more creative ideas the better!



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