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Laserfiche Hotfixes and Releases Email Notification

asked on May 12, 2023


Is there a way to get notified through email on the new hotfixes for Laserfiche 11 instead of having to go to ? I got directed to the Product Announcements group but don't see anything about hotfixes on the latest posts. 
Even the reply to this post points the lack of updates on Laserfiche Answers about self-hosted.
There also isn't a post about Directory Server 11 Update 3 which got published May 9th.


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replied on May 12, 2023


Laserfiche Directory Server version 11 update 3 was announced in that group the day it was released:

We are in the process of changing out release names, so for now I have added in the specific version (Version 11, Update 3) in addition to the fact that it's the May 2023 release.

If you didn't receive an email notification about it, it may be due to your notification settings:



We are not currently announcing hotfixes to that channel, but I have noted your comment.

I have shared your concern about the What's New page and we're looking into it.

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replied on May 17, 2023

Thanks! I missed that part. 

I'm relatively new to Laserfiche so I didn't expect to have to go to the forums and set email notifications to know about the latest releases and whatnot. Other vendors I work with email us about the upcoming and new releases.

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replied on May 17, 2023

It would also help those of us in the field, if the KBs identified the software version number so as to be able to identify what version we have installed.  As an example, by looking at the KB for Weblink 11 Update 1   how can I tell if I have already installed this update or not?  Please post what version should be identified when I click About 

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replied on May 17, 2023

Will do.

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