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Unattended access for your Laserfiche reseller

asked on March 8, 2023



Curious if your LF reseller/VAR has  requested unattended access when providing services, and if you do not allow that due to security reasons, they want to charge you extra.


Thank you.

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replied on March 9, 2023

Hi Debby,

If I may reply as a VAR, we've been allowed unattended access to smaller customers, where our access was logged but permission to cnnect wasn't required.

For larger customers, we were only allowed unattended access until the system went into production. 

In all cases, unattended access was implemented only when it was beneficial to the customer, and at their behest. We were not charged and specialist software to manage the secure connection was either a) supplied by the customer (such as a Cisco VPN client) or b) public domain (VMWare Horizon).

After unattended access was revoked, our support staff would connect via Teams and direct one of the customers' staff on where to click or type.

I hope this helpful.


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replied on March 9, 2023

Thanks a lot, Ben, for taking the time to respond. This is very helpful.

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