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Laserfiche Account Migration Tool

asked on June 5



I am starting the process of planning a migration of 100 Forms Participants to LFDS. These users will be switched to use LFDS authentication through Forms and will be using Authenticated Participant licenses. Currently there are over 250 forms with users assigned to multiple tasks. I wanted to know if anyone has had success using the Account Migration Tool. The last two times it was used it caused major forms database issues. Have there been improvements to this tool? Running the tool and hoping for the best is not an option for this scenario.


I also see the link to the Account Migration Tool does not work. Is that because it is no longer suggested to use that tool? If so, how do we move 100 participant users from LDAP to LFDS and keep their assigned task and history in Forms?



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Hi Drew,

As you noted, the migration tool had a major bug  in how it handled Forms --- which is why it is has been temporarily taken down. 

We are working on getting a new version of the utility released and we have addressed the issue you mentioned.


However, this utility not needed for LDAP users and in fact does not touch LDAP users at all. Migrating LDAP users is a matter of 

  1. Adding the users to LFDS*  (you can use AD group sync)
  2. Switching to LFDS authentication


Important notes on adding the users to LFDS:

In older versions of Forms (before 10.4) the users have a "derived SID", which is to say that their unique identifier in Forms is not the same as their Windows SID. However, LFDS also supports users with derived SIDs.

To create the users in LFDS such that they can be properly migrated, start by creating an LDAP identity provider without the option to "preserve Windows SIDs"


If you would like to switch to using Windows Authentication (as opposed to LDAP) in LFDS, you must be on Forms 10.4+.

On Forms 10.4, the AD as LDAP participants are created by default with the Windows SID, and if you have existing users, you can perform a one-way conversion of their SIDs. This conversion is an option in Forms user management page.

After converting the users, you then do the following:

  1. Create an Active Directory identity provider
  2. Add the same users
  3. Switch to LFDS authentication

This allows them to both retain their tasks and switch to using regular windows authentication

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replied on June 6

Thank You for this information Brianna. It was never confirmed to me that the migration tool utility had a specific issue. Also, I really appreciate your response. This will be very helpful with the Forms user move to LFDS we will be initiating soon. 

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