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Windows Client and Prerequisites with C++ or C Plus Plus

asked on August 17, 2018 Show version history

Request / Fix = Silent Install

I have found that the silent install of the windows client often hangs in the prerequisites, and the most common culprit is the C++ Runtime. This is happens often on machines that are missing the runtime (requires a reboot), or machines that have a updated/patched version of the needed C++ runtime.

Three Ideas:

  1. Add a switch to allow the silent install to bypass prerequisites.
  2. Have the installer look for the prerequisite or greater, like a newer version in the branch.
  3. Provide documentation on doing the typical install with the specific MSI's only.


Any other ideas, thoughts?

Issues w C++.jpg
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replied on August 17, 2018

This is a bug in the installer. A fix will be released shortly. As a workaround, you can replace the VC++ Runtime for Visual Studio 2017 installer in the \Support\MSVC2017 subfolder in the installation media with the latest version from Microsoft's website. The pre-requisite will pass after that.

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replied on February 21, 2019

Has a fix been released?

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replied on June 14, 2019

Has the fix been released?

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replied on June 14, 2019

Just an update on this issue. It appears that this bug has since been resolved:


I will be testing soon and I will update with the results.

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