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Active directory win 2016 with laserfiche

asked on April 2, 2018


i have an urgent inquiry.

is there any issue regarding the version of the active directory windows server with laserfiche ?

we have a client asking if they can upgrade the active directory windows server to 2016 and awaiting confirmation.

any advice ?

thank you.


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replied on April 3, 2018

We have a whitepaper regarding Configuring Active Directory Federation Services Authentication for Laserfiche Directory Server that specifically uses Windows Server 2016.

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replied on April 4, 2018

Dear Karina, infact the customer just want to do upgrade for their current domain server windows server 2008 R2 to windows server 2016 standard and they want to know if will it be affected on Laserfiche or its compatible ??

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replied on April 4, 2018

Windows server 2016 standard is supported if using version 10. If using a previous version, it is still likely to work. For a list of compatible operating systems, please see this KB article.

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replied on April 5, 2018

Just to reconfirm the below as per the customer query:

the issue is that the customer is planning to upgrade their Domain Controllers. The DC operating system will be upgraded to Windows Server 2016, our concern is the Domain Functional Level specially for the systems that are using (Single Sign On) such as Laserfiche.


We need your confirmation that raising the domain functional level to windows server 2012 R2 or even to windows server 2016 will not affect users authentication with Laserfiche system by any means.  


Note: current Domain Functional Level is windows server 2008.

Appreciate your confirmation on the above so we can give a go ahead to the customer accordingly.

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replied on September 7, 2020

Hi Team 


Did you get the confirmation on the AD 2016 Support with Laserfiche 10?



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