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New Time field - Forms 10.2

asked on January 16

The new Time field in Forms 10.2 seems to be limited to a selection of hours only in the drop-down list.

Is there any way to configure it to show half or quarter hours?

The available formats are also limited to hours, minutes and seconds; can the Seconds be removed?  Using this field to set an appointment time etc. would not require the choice of Seconds.

I know this is two questions but I think they are related.

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replied on January 24

Peter, your suggestions are spot on.  The time field would be much more useful if the interval could be configured and seconds suppressed from displaying.

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replied on January 16

Hi Peter, I brought back you requests to the team, will consider support more flexible format as you requested

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replied on July 14

Hi Seeing this I wanted to add the usefulness of being able to have this time field use military time.

If this may be a feature to add to it, this would be powerful.

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