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Laserfiche 10.1 Released

posted on April 25, 2016 Show version history

Laserfiche has announced the release of Laserfiche Rio, Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Forms 10.1, including the Laserfiche Server, Web Access, Client, Forms, App and Discussions. This release features the introduction of the Business Process Library, which allows users to select from an online library of common, prebuilt business processes and import them directly into Laserfiche Forms.


It also includes the ability to view and work with offline forms using the Laserfiche App. In addition, in Web Access, users can now directly view PDFs and Microsoft Office documents in the document viewer—without downloading the electronic file first. This release also includes additional features across the Laserfiche suite.


Language Support


The Laserfiche Server, Client, Web Access, and the Laserfiche App server are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Italian. Laserfiche Forms is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Arabic. Laserfiche Discussions and the Laserfiche App are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (Brazilian).




Laserfiche 10.1 introduces the Business Process Library, a collection of 40 common processes, including building inspections, vacation and sick leave requests, course add/drop requests and insurance benefits enrollment, that users can import directly into Laserfiche Forms.  For information on where users can access the processes in the library, click here.


It also includes a new performance dashboard that allows users to view metrics on processes that have been started or finished over a specific time period, and drill down to process instance durations by stage or task durations for completion time data. In addition, this release features updates to the operational dashboard to provide more information, new events and options for process designers, and enhancements to formulas and calculations.


The Laserfiche App now features the ability to fill out and work with forms offline. In addition, users can now receive task notifications and directly attach documents from the repository to a form. Users can also now add a signature to a form by typing it.


The Laserfiche Web Client now allows users to directly view PDFs and Microsoft Office documents within the document viewer, rather than downloading them locally. Users can also open audit reports for a particular entry directly from Web Access, and preview a document during import to allow users to easily set metadata for the document.


Laserfiche Discussions introduces the ability to directly add comments to a discussion without having to select a reply type.


Further Information


For more information, see the What’s New in Laserfiche Rio, Laserfiche Avante, and Laserfiche Forms 10.1 whitepaper, and the What's New in Laserfiche 10.1 webinar.


You can download Laserfiche 10.1 using the links below:

  • Laserfiche Rio in ISO format or ZIP format.
  • Laserfiche Avante in ISO format or ZIP format.
  • Laserfiche Forms in ISO format or ZIP format.

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replied on April 28, 2016

I'm receiving: "The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid" for each of these downloads (ZIP format).  I've tried a couple of times and am wondering if the issue is wide spread or if I'm the only one seeing the issue.

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replied on April 28, 2016 Show version history

Hi Lewayne,

If you download them locally and then run them from your local machine (instead of having the browser run them), do you still get this error? 

Also, which browser were you using to download them, and do you know if it only happens in one specific browser? (I'm seeing this in IE but not Chrome).

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replied on April 28, 2016

I was using IE and Edge.  In all cases I was just saving file.  Works fine in Chrome.

In all cases, the resulting file details show the signature is fine.

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replied on April 28, 2016

Thanks for checking. I'm seeing the same behavior that you are - we'll keep looking into it but glad to hear you're able to work around it. It might be tied to a windows update...

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replied on May 17, 2016

Hello,  what are the current limitations usage of nthe the new feature Offline Forms . How for example we support a form using some lookup SQL fields  for example? it's only simple forms, what kind of fields type are supported ?




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replied on May 17, 2016

Hi Armando, 

There's a few threads that discuss this already, here's one:

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