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Word Add-Ins Not Working

asked on January 19, 2016

i have a client where they are having issues with the Word Add-Ins.  They verified the same registry keys regarding load behavior of the Word add-in, all dword values are set to 3.

They performed both an offline and online repair of office and also performed a repair of Laserfiche.


Current behavior: Add-in is set to Unloaded instead of load at startup.


If the dword values are set to 3, shouldn't the add-in load at start-up?


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replied on January 20, 2016
  1. What version of Word are they on?
  2. Are you experiencing the issue with the Word-add in only? Does it work for Excel and Outlook?
  3. What registry key did you change exactly? In Word 2010 for example it would be under HKLM\software\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins\Word2010SaveToLaserfiche.Save, under the DWORD "LoadBehavior".  
  4. Does Office Integration appear as installed under the LF Client in Programs and Features?
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replied on January 20, 2016

Currently the client Is using Office 2013 Home and Business which has all the latest service packs and updates. Laserfiche version is 9.2.1.

The Word add-in is the only one experiencing the issue; it does work for Excel and Outlook.


The paths are





I’ve also verified there isn’t an equivalent key per this article:




The key listed in the article doesn’t exist.


In addition, I checked the keys under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\Resiliency\Disabled Items. See Key 3 attached image for reference. The two keys that are in there point to a softscan add-in that has been disabled, and one other legacy add-in that I’m not sure about, but I believe neither of those have any reference to the Laserfiche add-in.


I don’t think it’s a user issue as it occurs on both the domain administrator account as well as the user’s account.


I did not make any changes to any registry keys thus far as they already had 3 for the LoadBehavior DWORD. See attached Images for Key 1 and Key 2. I’ve only verified they are set as per LF instructions.


When I ran the repair utility on the Laserfiche application, the Office Integration does appear and it says successful after the repair and prompts for reboot. I reboot the workstation, but the add-in does not load in Word only.


Its status shows as “Unloaded” in the add-in. When you check the box for Word2013, its status is “loaded” and the add-in appears in the ribbon bar, but upon closing word and reopening, the add-in disappears from the ribbon bar and goes back to “unloaded” state.


In outlook and excel, the status shows as “Load at Startup” and works flawlessly.

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replied on January 20, 2016

Please open a case so we can look further into the matter.

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replied on March 8, 2016

Hi Guys,

Any success on finding the cause of this issue? I am about to open a case about something similar on Office 2016 unless there's already a solution out there :)



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replied on March 9, 2016

A case was never opened for the original issue mentioned above.  Please open a case for your issue.

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replied on March 12, 2016

Thanks Raymond,

The issue was resolved yesterday by simply running an "Online Repair" of the Office installation. This customer was running Office 365 Desktop (2013 installation)

Simply going to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Microsoft Office 365 -> Change -> Online Repair

The behaviour only affected MS Word 2013. Outlook and Excel were working as normal.

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