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Can't add Full user to Rio; error 9352

asked on July 8, 2015

I have a fresh install of Rio 9.2.1.

LFDS is showing 69 available users.  I have been able to add AD users to LFDS and also I have added Trusted AD users to Admin Console. 

However I cannot add a Laserfiche Named User in Admin Console. The user can be added and Named User set to False, but I cannot set the user to Full.  I receive the 9352 error; "The number of registered repository named users has reached its limit"

Screen shots and Admin Log attached.  There is no Event Log entry for this error.

Do I have to make a particular allocation of Laserfiche users in LFDS or just add them to Admin Console?


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replied on July 9, 2015

Hi Peter,

When you register LF server instance in LFDS, you need to assign repository named user license to the LF server instance in order to create repository named user.

You can go to the LFDS site to edit the LF server instance, click the "Advanced options" and edit from there. After editing and saving, please restart the LF server service.


Hope this helps!


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replied on July 9, 2015

Thanks Xiaoxiao Yan.

This setting is very well buried.  Can't recall seeing any instructions in the manual!



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replied on July 29, 2015

Where is the "Advanced Options" setting?

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replied on July 29, 2015

Hello Mario, you can refer to this screencast

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replied on July 29, 2015

In the LFDS Web Administration page, click on Applications > Laserfiche Server, and then expand the specific server instance that you have registered. Click "Edit" and on the next page the "Advanced Options" link should appear just above the Save button.

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replied on July 29, 2015

It should be visible when creating or editing a Laserfiche server application instance.

Go to the applications tab:

Click on the Laserfiche Server application to bring up the list of instances. Click on the arrow next to the machine you want to edit:

Once expanded, click edit:

Now you should see the advanced options link:

Enter the number and save:

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replied on April 4

Dear @Brianna,

The option of (Retrieval repository named user) is not shown in Directory Server 11.




The directory server shows the count of reaming participant users.

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replied on April 5

You don't have retrieval repository users in your license, you have participant users. Since they get access to both the repository and Forms, they are only managed in LFDS.

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replied on April 6

Thank you @Brianna.


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replied on July 9, 2015



You will need to allocated named user license to your server prior to assigning it to a Laserfiche account. 

See the picture below to check:

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replied on June 10, 2018

Good  day 

I Have the same problem The Number of registered repository named users has reached its licensed limit. (9352). Can you please explain to me the meaning of the following:

1. Full repository Named User Licenses in use 14, 

2. Full Repository Named User Licenses allocated 36,

3. Maximum repositories allowed 15.




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