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Generate Pages not working

asked on April 8, 2015

Maybe I am missing something here but I cannot get the "Generate Pages" feature to work.  

What I am doing :

  1)  I have an imported PDF file.  Opening it loads it into Acrobat Reader.

  2)  I right-click on the PDF file and select "Generate Pages".

  3)  I select Options and verify that "Extract Images from PDFs" is checked.  (preserve pdf annotation is unchecked, as is generate monochrome pages)  Batch processing mode is unchecked.

  4)  I select OK and get the message "Generating pages from the selected documents will replace any existing pages.  Continue?" to which I click "Yes".

  5)  I see the dialog box appear showing things are processing.

  6)  After that finishes I see the file size changes slightly and the last modified date updates to the current date/time, however, the PDF icon still remains, and if I double-click on it to open it the file still opens in Acrobat Reader.

I was under the impression that "Generate Pages" would turn the PDF file into a native TIFF document and no longer be an electronic document.

What am I missing here?

I have also tried "Use Snapshot Virtual Printer" instead of "Extract Images from PDFs" but the result is the same.  It appears to be processing but I am still left with a PDF file.

Oh, and we have Laserfiche Rio and the client version is

Kent Bliven

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replied on April 8, 2015

Instead of double clicking on the document to open it, right click on it and select Open > Pages. It should open the Client document viewer now. Please confirm if you see images in the image pane now. If you want to delete the electronic document component of it, i.e. the actual PDF, but just keep the image pages, then back in the Client browser, select the document and click on Tasks > Delete Electronic Files.

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replied on April 8, 2015

Thanks Alexander.  That was exactly the problem.  I was unaware that documents could have both electronic and image components together.  The fact that the page number didn't double and the icon didn't change confused me.

Although I understand what is going on, I think it could potentially become confusing.  Testing what you just told me, I see that pages column show the number of PDF pages, but if I add the images, the page count becomes the image page count instead.  Deleting image pages reduces the page count even though all the pages still remain in the PDF.  Yech.  I just want to convert the PDFs to images.

Thanks for helping me understand this,
Kent Bliven


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replied on April 8, 2015

No problem Kent. I think what you noticed about the page count is caused by the PDF having generated text (but no images) so the Page Count column is showing the text pages. If you open the PDF and view its pages in the document viewer, you would probably see no images, but there would be text and thumbnails that are just of those text pages.

Once you generate pages for the PDF, then there will be image pages and the thumbnails will change to represent those images. The value in the "Page Count" column would then remain the same. Deleting the individual pages (thumbnails) will then decrease the page count. This would have also been true when there were only text pages.

We'll definitely take the concern into consideration though for future versions of the software.

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replied on April 8, 2015

Thanks for the further clarification.  I opened a standard PDF that has not been touched using the Open -> Pages and see that all the thumbnails are blank with no image or text, but does give the accurate page count.  When I "generate pages" on the PDF it simply fills those blank pages in with real images thus retaining the same page count, so your further explanation makes perfect sense to me now.  Thanks!

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