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laserfiche snapshot stuck in printing queue

asked on November 20, 2014

i am currently having issues with laserfiche snapshot.  when i print using snapshot the document gets stuck in queue and nothing shows up.  i reinstalled the client, i deleted user profile and i am still having issues.  any ideas or suggestions i can do to have this working.  it is only one user that is having this issue.

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replied on January 30, 2015

here is the answer if anyone is still experiencing the same issue.....

1. Close all LF applications from processes in the Task Manager on the problem machine (lf.exe, lfscanning.exe, lfsession etc.)
2. Make sure the problem user (in this case, yourself) is not logged into LF on any other machine.
3. Once the client is closed and the user is no longer logged in, open the LF Admin Console while logged in as Administrator on the LF Server.
4. Go to -> Users and Groups -> User > Problem User Properties -> Attributes Tab -> Check Show System Attributes -> Delete ALL Attributes.
5. Once deleted from the LF admin console go to the problem machine and delete the LF Profile registry key on the problem machine while logged into windows as the problem user. Do not log in to the LF client yet
6. Go to Start -> Run -> Regedt32-> Delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Laserfiche\Client8\Profile
7. On the problem machine, go to the Windows Temp folder and the Users temp folder and delete all the files that windows will let you delete. If the file is in use, move on to the next files and delete those. Note that you may have to do this a few times and clear as much of those temp files.
8. Test after. 

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replied on February 13, 2015 Show version history

Appears to be the fix.

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replied on December 10, 2014


Have you resolved this issue? we are currently experiencing the same issue with a particular user.

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replied on January 27, 2015

now i am having issue with another user.  any ideas how to resolve this?  snapshot will work with a pdf that has 1 page.  2 or more pages having issues printing.  takes 5-10 mins for dialog box to show up.

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replied on August 25, 2015

This solution worked for me as well

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replied on January 27, 2015

Please open a case with Support so we can test the PDFs.

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replied on November 20, 2014

If you delete the Windows queue and then reprint it does it get stuck again?

Is there a corresponding error in the Windows event log when this occurs?

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