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Participant Access Right Assignment

asked on April 14, 2014 Show version history

Is it possible to assign *all* participants, or a select group of participants to a process in the Access Rights page as submitters without having to add them one-by-one?  LDAP synchronization will be dynamically changing the list of participants based on user accounts being added or removed from an AD group, but we want to avoid having to manually add/remove these participants in the Access Rights of a process.


As a use case; we will be having over 2000 users who will be assigned participant licenses to be able to submit an employee expense form.  We will be controlling who will be assigned these licenses by adding/removing their windows accounts from an AD group, which will dynamically update the participant license list in Forms.  Assigning users a participant license will not automatically grant them access to a form to submit, so they will have to also be added to the Access Rights of that form's process.  We will want all users who have been assigned a participant license to be able to log in and submit an expense form.


Currently, it is possible to add Laserfiche Groups to a form's Access Rights and all users in that Laserfiche Group will be granted the submitter right, however it seems this only applies to users who have been assigned a named user license, not a participant license.  If I create a group in the Admin Console called "Participants" and assign the AD group to this security group, and then add this group to the Access Rights of the process in Forms, it will only allow users who have a named user license to authenticate.

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replied on April 18, 2014

It is not currently possible to use groups with LDAP participants. I've passed this feature request along to the Forms developers and the team will consider it for a future release.

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replied on April 20, 2014

Thanks Eric.  Even something as simple as a group called "Participants" or "Authenticated Users" that pops-up when assigning access rights to a form will do.  It will then inherit the entire participant list as submitters.

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replied on April 28, 2017

Any idea if this feature request has been applied to the latest updates? We have 500 users we need to add to new processes. Due to the fact that t he customer's active directory is not up to date we cannot rely on the ldap sync?

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replied on June 14, 2017

I was curious to see if a resolution had been found for this issue?  We have a number of forms where we would like all participant (licence) users to be able to access, however we don't want to add all 200+ users to each form individually as Submitters if we don't have to.

Here is what we have tried for trying to get Participant licences showing up properly in Laserfiche Forms:

1) We have done a mass import of Laserfiche Participant users in Forms, using the upload feature, coupled with having a properly-formatted .csv file.  This is what we have done to this point, and the users are not members of any groups (unless there might be a way to specify this in the .csv file that is being imported?).

2) We tried adding a user through the Laserfiche Directory Server, and we could specify the user as being a Forms Authenticated Participant (as well as adding the user to a group specified there as well), however when we did, these users did not synchronize over properly between Laserfiche Directory Server and Laserfiche Forms.

3) We tried creating a new group in Active Directory specifically for Forms Participant users (and having this group matched with Active Directory through Directory Server).  When I added a user to this group, the user synchronizes properly with Directory Server, I can change the user to a Forms Authenticated Participant in Laserfiche Directory Server, and the user synchronizes across, however they appear to synchronize as a Full User (and when I take this off and re-synchronize the changes, the user shows up as invalid in Directory Server).

Thanks to anyone who might be able to assist with this! cool

Marty Gaffney - Network Technician
Town of Okotoks

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replied on June 19, 2017

I am also looking for this functionality. How does Laserfiche suggest we grant access to a form for all users (named and participant) short of having to individually add them?

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replied on October 24, 2017

I am also looking for this. This is probably the only area of the product that I can't use groups with when it comes to security. I can use groups with laserfiche users that are not A/D users. I was looking for the same thing for participant users.

Also, I manually input all the participants for access to one of the processes. How in the world do I copy it to the others?

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replied on February 13, 2018

Just following up on this, not using LDAP but is there an everyone option for manually created LDAP users? Would love to stop having to add participants individually. 

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