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Document Classification licensing

asked on April 10, 2014

 If a customer wants to purchase Document Classification as a separate item, or after having purchased Laserfiche previously (Rio or Avante), will the module be useable by anyone in the Laserfiche environment, or only for the number of users actually purchased for? Basically is the license unlimited, or based on purchased quantity?

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replied on April 10, 2014

Hi there,


Quick Fields is licensed per installation, not per user. With that in mind, I think you're asking whether purchasing the Document Classification add-on for Quick Fields will give you access to that functionality on all instances of Quick Fields or if you have to buy it per installation. The answer is that add-ons are licensed per instance, just like Quick Fields itself. However, if you buy Document Classification for just one instance of Quick Fields you can always run any session with multiple document classes through that machine rather than needing to buy the add-on for all instances!


If I've mistaken your question, feel free to clarify.

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