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Attaching Multiple Files in one Email activity

asked on April 9, 2013 Show version history

I have multiple documents in a folder. I want to send all the documents that have certain metadata in an email either as one batch file or individually attached file within that same email. How do I accomplish that?

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replied on April 11, 2013 Show version history

You have a couple options to accomplish sending multiple documents as a link in an email.  The easiest way to do this would be to provide a shortcut to the folder itself in the email, the person who receives the email would click the link and the folder would open with all the documents in it.  You are also able to add multiple attachments directly to the email, which would look like this:


What you aren’t currently able to do is use a for each loop to iterate through a collection of documents and add them as attachments. But like I mentioned before, use the for each loop to create a folder and put the entries in it, then just provide a link to the folder.

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replied on October 30, 2019

That doesn't help if you are doing something like a repository search and need to attach all of the results to a single email.  There has to be a way to do this.  Ideally, you would be able to as suggested above and attach via a for each loop, but please don't tell me no one in development hasn't ever considered the use case for sending out multiple documents based on a search result.

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replied on October 31, 2019

^For real.

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replied on November 2, 2021

Do we now have a solution for this? Do a repository search and attach all of the document results to a single email.  

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replied on November 3, 2021

You can now create URLs for documents and and add into an email. There is the loop solution in the link below as well which can be done for actual electronic files or shortcuts. 

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replied on November 3, 2021

I can create urls for documents in the email, but what we need is as attachments.

Is this the loop solution?

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replied on November 3, 2021 Show version history

yep, there are many posts on it so read through it. This is STILL the only method that I have seen. We are due for someone to come up with something better... I came up with that 6 years ago. 

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replied on June 17, 2015

I added a solution for making multiple email attachments when those attachments must use a 'For Each' activity to be found.

Hope this helps.

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