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How to get a daily form to work on Cloud

asked on September 26, 2023 Show version history

Hi all,

Currently in on-prem, we have daily forms that get filled out for a whole month. The forms are scheduled to run each day. The forms themselves use a lookup rule created within Laserfiche Forms. Once the form is submitted, a workflow service task is called to insert data into our database. 

Based on thisthis, and this, Laserfiche Cloud doesn't do real time? 

If it is possible, may you all provide steps on how?

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replied on September 26, 2023

Not offering a real time lookup to an external database table at this time

We run a nightly query against an external database and update a local table in Cloud, that is used for lookups in our forms. Uses the Agent, it has been working well for us.

Writing data to an external table in realtime is done with Workflow using the Agent/local worker and has been working fine.

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