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Scheduled Reports - File Attachment Not Included in Email

asked on August 28

We have a scheduled report that's been running daily, for several years; it's set up to include the report file in the email.  Recently, the file attachment stopped getting included in the email notification.

The file attachment had grown to 1MB in size. I thought this might be the problem, so I decreased the date range in the report. The next few report notifications that were sent included the file attachment. After a few days, the notifications started going out without the file attachment again.

I built a new scheduled report. For a few days, the notifications went out with the file attachment. Then same as before, the notifications got sent out without the file attachment.

Does anyone have ideas about what might be causing the problem?


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replied on August 28 Show version history

Hi Cathy!

With the information provide, we used to have a reported bug with similar symptom before (Bug ID 356123), No report attached to email for scheduled report.

The bug was fixed in Forms 11 Update 2. So would you mind checking the exact Form version you are using? If it's lower than Forms 11 Update 2(11.0. 2201.20436) then you might have encountered the similar issue.

The root cause of this bug is that table [cf_static_report_data] have millions of rows and no index was created. You can check [cf_static_report_data] table to see if it might be the same root cause.

Please let me know if you feel it's a similar problem and we will have a temporary work around for it if upgrading the product is not an option.

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replied on September 5

Hi Yuxuan,

We're using Laserfiche Form 10.4.

I've heard back from our infrastructure team regarding indexing on the cf_static_report_data table.

In the LF_Forms database, the table cf_static_report_data has a clustered index named PK_cf_static_report_data.  It is a primary index with a unique ID field in it.  


Is there something we can do to prevent this from occurring until we are able to upgrade (planning for early 2024)?

Thank you.

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replied on September 25

Hi Yuxuan,


Is there anything we can do to ensure that our scheduled report attachments get sent to recipients short of upgrading?


Thank you,


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replied on September 25

Hi Cathy,

Sorry for the late reply.

If the table cf_static_report_data  is huge, you might also want to have a index in [sr_id] column. As a temporary workaround before updating the product, you can run the following script in your LF_Forms database.

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_cf_static_report_data_sr_id] ON [dbo].[cf_static_report_data] 

Please always do a full DB backup before running the actual query.

Let me know if that helps.

Thank you,



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