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Feature Request: Assigning label alignment to individual fields

posted on June 26, 2023

Hi, I think that a good addition to Laserfiche would be being able to change the label alignment of specific fields in a form.  I usually have to assign a default alignment for the whole form and then use CSS to change the alignment of specific fields I want to be different than the rest and it ends up being kind of tedious to do.

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replied on February 9

This would be super helpful.  Was going to add it myself until I saw both posts.  Very useful for translations as well.  We have about 52 languages we have to account for in one of our forms.

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replied on June 26, 2023 Show version history

Not a bad idea. I've had similar situations in which I wanted a specific field, or the fields within a certain section, to have a different layout and had to use CSS.

Maybe an option so it can either be inherited from the form (default) or set at the field/section level (similar to how some systemwide settings can be overridden at the BP level).

Feature Request: "Per Field/Section" Alignment - Laserfiche Answers

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replied on June 27, 2023

Yeah, it's definitely an idea and it would be great to incorporate into Laserfiche.  I am a bit surprised that your original post in the link was 5 years ago and it still hasn't been addressed yet.  I would be excited if a feature like that existed as it would make my life that much easier.

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