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Feature Request: "Per Field/Section" Alignment

posted on September 18, 2018


I run into a fair number of posts in which people want to put sections side-by-side, put a label above a multi-line field, and other things along those lines.

Additionally, I have an issue where a lot of my non-IT Forms users put tables on their forms to get fields to be side-by-side, which causes a lot of headaches because fields inside tables/collections are not treated the same by Forms.

My users would not know how to use CSS to customize the display of standard fields, so the table option is what they always use and the headaches that causes really makes me think we should have a better way to tell Forms how to display individual fields.

For example, I want my entire form to have Left aligned labels, but I may have a Q&A section where I want all of the labels/questions on top of the field. Or, I may have a section with First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name that I want all side-by-side.

Right now, my options are Custom CSS or Tables, but I think having the ability to set alignment per field or per section would really help simplify this for the general user without HTML/CSS experience.

Perhaps a dropdown or radio for alignment (Inherit/Default, Top, Left, Right)?

Additionally, perhaps a new container type or just a configuration option in Sections that could be used to facilitate side-by-side fields that look the same as Tables but do not create collections or change how the variables are treated.

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replied on September 18, 2018

Thanks for all the detail on this request. We have a longer term redesign of the form layout designer in the works. We will incorporate many/all of these ideas into that. 

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replied on September 18, 2018

Thanks! To add onto this, something else I'd like to see is nested Sections; this would really help simplify some of my field rules.

I have some forms in which a Section is displayed based on user selections, but I sometimes have additional variation within those sections.

Currently, I have to set individual rules for each field in the section to handle those variations, but a subsection would streamline those rules.

For example, I may have a parent Section that's shown/hidden based on a radio/dropdown and subsections that group related fields within those sections thereby allowing a more dynamic form to be designed with simpler rules.

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