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2023 Empower Slides

asked on April 25 Show version history

Hello all,

I'm wondering where I can find the slides from the 2023 Empower Presentations. I was told they should be available a couple of weeks after the conference (I attended the Orlando event).

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replied on April 27

Hi Kristina, 

Some sessions should be available in the Cvent app if you were registered for that session. These will remain available for a few months. If there is a specific slide deck you're interested in that is not available on Cvent, please let us know and we can reach out to the presenter for you to see if they would be willing to send it to you.

Some presentations will be eventually available on Aspire after all three Empower conferences are complete. I don't have a set date for how soon after the third Empower this is, but we are still several weeks away from our last Empower. 


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replied on July 13

Hello and good morning. I have been wondering the same thing, as I attended the Dallas training and couldn't access the slides then either. In the app or otherwise. Is there a solution to this? Please advise, thank you and have a good day!



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replied on June 12

Since the last Empower is over :( when might the slides be available?

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replied on July 13 Show version history

You can access all of the Empower 2023 Labs (Guides + PPTs) and the most popular Sessions (Recordings + PPTs) in Aspire, by using the Empower 2023 subject tag.

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