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Forms Report Filters 'This week'

asked on November 21

We are changing a report schedule from daily to weekly. The report is now going to be filtered based on this

Then the schedule is set like this:

What I am trying to understand is whether that would actually account for everything submitted from 12am Sunday through 11:59pm Sunday. In other words, which dates falls into the filter for “this week”? Unfortunately the help files for filters did not specify what this meant, and answers gave me this post, which also says it is unknown ( I am hoping that when the schedule report goes out, it simply looks at today minus 7 days to generate the report. I really just need to know what the filter means by “this week” so that I can set my report schedule so that it captures all of the submission data for a 7 day period.

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replied on November 21

The "This Week" filter works on a Sunday-Saturday range rather than a "7 day previous days" range.

So if you run a "This Week" report on Monday, you would only see results for the previous Sunday and Monday and not anything prior.

To get the results you want, you should probably set it to run on Saturday at 11:59pm

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replied on November 22

Thank you Jason, that was the info we were looking for.

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