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Web Client 11- Login with Windows Credentials reloading the Login Prompt does not load repository

asked on November 18


We just updated a customer's LF from 10.3 to 11.

When trying to login to the Web Client on a workstation, using Windows Auth (Non-SSO), credentials are entered and user clicks on login.  After about 2-3 seconds the login boxes clear and they are not redirected to the repository.

On the server, the user is able to login using localhost in the URL, same login issue if using the Server URL even on the server.

Confirmed that Windows Auth is enabled in IIS for the Web Server.

They do not have an SSL cert installed. Could this be the reason for the login issue?

Also- We do know that the login token is being passed, because if the user tries to login more then 3-4 times they are then prompted with the 9030 error.  Checking the LF Admin console we do see multiple entries for the user logging into the Web Client.

Appreciate the feedback,

Jeff Curtis

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replied on November 18

Yes, you need to set up SSL. The session cookies are marked "secure" which essentially means that the logged in session is lost each time.

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replied on November 18

If they do not have an SSL cert, you can turn off secure cookies and set the site settings to Lax to allow non-secured traffic:

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