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Enhancement Idea for Answers Site - Change Default Post Type

posted on June 24, 2022 Show version history

It would be great if the default option here on the Answers site was "ask a question." instead of "start a discussion."  -  it seems like a lot of users select discussion when they are asking questions, and the fact that this seems to default to discussion is likely the cause of that.


And yes, this one was opened as a discussion on purpose. wink

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replied on July 1, 2022

Hey @████████- you mentioned on this post that any changes to the Answers Site other than configuration changes are unlikely to occur.  Would this change, regarding the default type of new post, be a configuration change that could still occur?  Thank you!

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replied on July 1, 2022 Show version history

Potentially! I will inquire with the folks that have site configuration access (I don't have all the keys) and get back to you.

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replied on July 1, 2022

Great!  Thank you @████████

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