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Solution: Workflow Designer Client Installation Error 2343

posted on November 13, 2021

As many have commented, there is an installation error (2343) encountered by users when they attempt to install Workflow Designer 11 on a non-server workstation that does not have registry entry related to IIS present.

The original bug report thread can be found here started by @████████:

As pointed out by @████████ deep in the comments, the only way to solve this issue with minimal impact on the system is to temporarily install ASP.NET 4.8 using the following steps which I'm going to illustrate for Windows 10.


Administration privileges are required - so that means if you do not have local admin on your machine, you may need to involve your IT Department to carry out this process.

So, assuming you have local admin access or have access to an admin account on the machine here are the steps with screen shots:


Workflow Designer Client Installation Solution Guide

1) Search and open "Control Panel" (do NOT search Add/Remove Features)

2) Click "Programs" category header that is green as shown below:

3) Under Programs and Features, you will see "Turn Windows features on or off". Clicking this will prompt you for administrator credentials. 

3) Select the following item exactly:

Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Application Development Features > ASP.NET 4.8 (Tick this item only!)

This will select a host of options, which you need to temporarily enable to complete the Workflow Installer. You do not need to restart when installing, and we will uninstall this as soon as we are finished with the Workflow Installer.

Click "OK" and complete the Windows installer.

4) Close out of the Control Panel before running the Workflow Installer. Follow the prompts of the Workflow Installer and select Workflow Designer.

< no image required >

5) Once installation is complete, repeat steps 1-2. Then instead of step three, this time, deselect the following option and click "OK" to uninstall IIS.

This time you will be prompted to restart. 

You're done!


Hope this helps others while we await a patched installer from Laserfiche.


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replied on March 15, 2022

I had a client with the same issue but these steps did not fix? Is there an update that isnt a workaround yet?

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replied on March 15, 2022

There is no official fix to date from Laserfiche, the update is still in development.

Regarding my solution, can you explain how these steps didn't work for your client?

Do they have administration rights to their device? This solution can't work if you are not allowed modify the Windows features as shown.

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replied on March 16, 2022

So the install went through fine, but Designer itself crashes when you try to open. Nothing in task manager. The Designer logo appears then disappears. 

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replied on March 16, 2022

Is there a message in the Event Viewer when this happens?

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replied on March 16, 2022

Its just a fault error. .exe faulted and points to Workflow. Nothing else.

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replied on March 16, 2022

Just so you're aware, the solution provided in this thread was to get past the error displayed by the installer (it was impossible to even install without this workaround). So while the issue you're reporting (designer doesn't start/crashes) could be a by product of this workaround, it also could be operating system / dependency related.

To help others, can you share additional information such as which Laserfiche workflow package you downloaded (exact zip name/version), operating system and exact version? Was this a fresh installation with no prior installation of Workflow, or was this upgrading/overwriting an existing installation?

Did you also uninstall the features (in the guide) before or after the first run?

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replied on November 24, 2021

By the way, if you have the need to uninstall Workflow, and you did step 5 above, you need to install the feature again, then do the uninstall of workflow.

You'll probably only realize this after the fifth time the uninstall fails.

Or so I'm told.

By a friend.


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replied on November 15, 2021

Thanks for this workaround Kris. To the best of my knowledge the issue will be fixed in the next Workflow release.

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replied on November 15, 2021

No worries, I figured it was worth posting as a solution just in case the next Workflow release is delayed for some reason. 

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replied on April 6, 2022

@████████ Is there a released fix for this? I'd really love to avoid going through this workaround for our whole team that needs Designer.

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