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SCCM fails to install Laserfiche Client

asked on November 10, 2021 Show version history



We are trying to install the latest Laserfiche Client on a new employee laptop using SCCM.

SCCM starts by trying to remove an earlier installation. It fails to remove it and prompts the user to retry. Once the user clicks on "Retry" the cycle repeats. This keeps happening without getting anywhere with the installation. No error messages. SCCMs keeps prompting the user to retry and that's about it.


This particular laptop was used in the past by previous staff to process digital records into Laserfiche repository. The Laserfiche Client was installed on the laptop earlier through her user account.


Any idea about how we can sort out this issue? Thank you.





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replied on November 10, 2021

Another update: We attempted another SCCM install and the process got stuck on installing MS Visual C++.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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replied on November 11, 2021 Show version history

Hi Wissam,

I recently worked with a customer to successfully deploy Laserfiche Client Suite 11 components with SCCM on end user machines that had an older Laserfiche Client version installed prior. It ended up being a multi-step process.

After much trial and error, here is the sequence we found worked:

  1. Uninstall the earlier installation with:
    .\SetupLF.exe -silent REMOVE=ALL
    Using the SetupLF.exe FOR THE VERSION YOU'RE UNINSTALLING. The LF 11 SetupLF.exe will not cleanly remove all LF 10 components, but the LF 10 SetupLF.exe will.
  2. Independently install both MSVC2019 packages under .\en\Support\MSVC2019 (VC_redist.x64.exe and VC_redist.x86.exe). These dependencies require a reboot after installation, and you cannot proceed with installing the Laserfiche Client Suite until after that reboot. Thank Microsoft for this one.
  3. Finally, run the LF 11 SetupLF.exe with your parameters of choice like so:
    .\en\WindowsClient\SetupLF.exe" -silent INSTALLLEVEL=300 -log "C:\logs\LF11" LFCDESKTOPSHORTCUTS=1

Hope that helps.


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replied on November 22

Hi Sam,

If they are using this method to install 10.4.1, would they just manually install MSVC2017 instead of 2019? Just want to make sure 2019 is not what is required no matter what since it isn't in the 10.4.1 installer.

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replied on November 22

Hi Ashley,

Presumably so. However, I strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest 10.4 Client release, 10.4.2, rather than 10.4.1. And upgrade the rest of your system to the latest 10.4.x release (if not 11) as well. The 10.4.2+ updates are almost entirely bug fixes.

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