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Redaction Workflow

asked on September 21, 2021


We are trying to implement a redaction workflow in our office, primarily to do with credit card details. The issue we are coming across is that the redaction only applies to pages document, not the electronic document. 

We would ideally like the electronic document to either be removed, deleted or archived in some way, so that only the pages view is visible to users (with the redaction).

We do not have access to Quick Fields. 

Has anyone created some sort of automated workflow or come across a similar instance? 

Any guidance or tips are helpful! 

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replied on September 24, 2021

Besides manually doing a delete electronic document action from inside the client, you could use Import Agent. 

How are these documents imported currently? What is your process to get them into Laserfiche? 

With Import Agent, you can generate pages and not keep the original. This is assuming you are working with PDFs. I do this a ton so that I can auto redact with workflow. 

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replied on September 26, 2021

Thank you for the reply! 

We currently just manually drag files into LF but then have various workflows that file them accordingly. 

We could definitely try and use the ImportAgent. What does your redaction workflow look like?

This is our first time trying anything of the sort. 

Thank you once more! 

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replied on September 27, 2021

Oh, you are just dragging and dropping into the Repo? That's easy. Just set up your new documents setting like this.

As long as generate pages is on and Keep original PDF files is off, you'll get images for your documents and then workflow can auto redact them. 

I suggested Import Agent because I tend to try and automate as much as I can, but it's not always the best solution depending on what you are trying to accomplish. 

For my workflow, it's really simple. "Apply Text Annotation" activity lets you specify a type of annotation. I select Redaction. Then I use a pattern to find the text. On our employment applications, the SSN: is printed and then the numbers follow. So the pattern was super simple to make. 

I'm not sure what your document looks like or the formatting of the text, but if you can build a pattern for it, then you should be able to auto redact it. 

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replied on April 26, 2023 Show version history

I have set it this up as mentioned above but still can see the information on the file view in the web client as it has no redaction to it.  The electronic file is the view defaulted in my windows client, again with no redaction. Can I either remove this version from the repository, disable this option for a user, or redact that as well? 

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