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SQL Maintenance - Rebuild Forms DB Indexes with Services running?

asked on September 10, 2021

Hello LF Answers,

I have a customer who is currently heavily using forms and their DBA noticed some significant fragmentation on several of the tables. In the past Laserfiche had recommendations for rebuilding indexes on the repository database but the suggestion also came with a "make sure the services are stopped" caveat. Is this also true for the Forms database? Is this still true at all? First time I heard this was in 2013 and I've just lumped into my migration SOP as it was also only recommended to perform after migration of the repository database. 


I look forward to your responses and have a great weekend!


Your Pal,




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replied on September 11, 2021

Hi Hunter,

No need to take Forms fully offline. Schedule the SQL maintenance plan to run some time that's reasonably off-hours to minimize the chance an end users runs into an error from an object being locked at that particular moment.

If you happen to have SQL Server Enterprise Edition, you can do an online rebuild by specifying WITH (ONLINE=ON) to even further reduce the chances of running into a lock.

I can't recommend Ola Hallengren's SQL Server Index and Statistics Maintenance scripts enough. They're much more intelligent than the out-of-the-box index rebuild maintenance plans. Your customer's DBA is likely familiar with them already.


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replied on September 13, 2021

Thanks so much Samuel! I weirdly have like three customers all asking this same stuff this morning so there must be something in the air. Do you know if the rebuilds with online=on are also okay to use with the repository databases?

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replied on September 13, 2021

Welcome! Funny how that happens, right?

Online rebuilds are fine with repository databases.

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