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Creating folders using workflow and a spreadsheet

asked on June 10

I am attempting to do something similar to this, where he took a database and used workflow to create a folder structure.

My problem is it is 7 years later and we are using the cloud version of workflow so the activities are a little different. I am guessing instead of query data I will need to use a run rule activity. I have my data query rule created and add the activity. I am stuck on the input value parameters. I have to choose a value but I am not sure what it is asking for. I selected the input and output values in the query. I simply want it to take the column of names and create a folder for each row. This really shouldn't be all t hat complicated, I'm just not sure what I am missing. 

Thank you.

Amanda Payne

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The input for your value has been set in your rule under "WHERE". If you click "Open selected rule" and then test out your rule with the "Test query" button you will see how the input value will filter your results.


If you simply want to read through an entire lookup table and create a value for every row, then you can follow the below steps. This is a small tutorial that will create folders with country names based on a lookup table that contains their names:


1) Create a new rule and add the lookup table to the selected table:


2) Under "SELECT", add the column you want to make the folders from:


3) Leave WHERE blank. No filter is required for the results.


4) Nothing is needed in ORDER BY or GROUP BY.


5) Click "Test query" to see the results that are returned by this rule:


6) Create a Workflow that looks like this:


7) Under Run Rule, select the Rule you just created and its Output Tokens will be listed. As you did not set a "WHERE" input parameter, no inputs are listed. Also make sure it is returning all rows. Also: If you have modified an existing rule, make sure you select the right version.


8) In the For Each Value, simply reference the output from the Run Rule:


9) In Create Entry, put the current value of the For Each Value as the Entry Name, make sure it's creating a folder, and set a Destination where the folders should be created.


10) Save, publish and run the Workflow. Once everything is green, check the Destination folder and you'll see the new folders:

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