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Feature Request: Show if LFDS is using Domain Locked License

asked on May 13, 2021 Show version history

If a system is using a domain locked license the only ways to know that is to go into an application configuration in LFDS and see if the 'Licensed Domain(s) / Specific Machine' option shows or to open the license file and see if the '<DomainNames>' section is populated. It would be great if on the Settings-> General tab in LFDS it let you know (as well as what Primary License is being used).

It would be nice if it showed what domains are licensed too. It would just need to be something simple, like:

Licensed Domains:

In one of these places:

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replied on May 13, 2021

This is a good request. I'll file it and follow-up with a feature request #.

In the meantime, as Blake mentioned and for anyone unaware, you can check the specific domains in a domain-locked license by opening up any application lf.licx file and looking for the <DomainNames> node. See attached.

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replied on May 19, 2021

Feature request "DS-I-59" has been filed for this

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