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Workflow: How to test a workflow definition that is launched by a Forms service task?

asked on May 6 Show version history


My goal is to create a forms process (fp) that uses a workflow service task to launch a workflow definition (wf def). The wf def is supposed to get data from the fields provided by the fp and use that data to update a database.

I am stuck in two parts.

1. Testing the wf def: this part is confusing because the workflow properties are set to be "Started by a Laserfiche Form". Since it is not supposed to be triggered by a starting rule or schedule, I cannot test it until I set up the fp to start the wf def. If i try running the wf def, I will get the message,
    "Retrieve Business Process VariablesThis workflow does not appear to be started by Forms. The Forms instance id was not specified or was empty."
Which is understandable because by starting it in workflow, there is no forms process to provide the data that the wf needs.

2. Starting the wf def through the fp: this part is getting abit exhaustive as I have done the following and I am still unable to have the fp trigger the wf def. When the fp gets to the wf service task, it just stays "suspended"

  • I have set up a workflow service task with the correct name of the wf def
  • I have verified that the forms configuration page has the correct workflow server saved
  • I have verified that the workflow server has its web service for the correct forms server saved
An unexpected error has occurred. [LFF502-UnexpectedError]



Error: UnexpectedError

Date: 5/6/2021 9:20:06 AM (Central Standard Time)

HTTP Status Code: 500

Business Process ID: 138

Instance ID: 8160

Business Process Name: Sandbox

Stack Trace:

Caught exception: Laserfiche.Forms.CommonUtils.Exceptions.LFFormsException

Message: An unexpected error has occurred. [LFF502-UnexpectedError]

Inner exception: System.Exception

Message: ERROR [HY000] [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01031: insufficient privileges  ERROR [HY000] [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

   at Laserfiche.Forms.Routing.ServiceTask.Execute(Int32 instanceId, IRoutingContext routingContext)


Versions are:

Forms 10.4.0

Workflow 10.2


Thank you

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replied on May 6

Please don't post the same question in multiple threads.

For #2, that looks to be an issue connecting to an Oracle data source (for a lookup?), not related to Forms calling Workflow.

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