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[Feature Enhancement] [Workflow] Token Editor for Sender Address Field in Email Activity

posted on May 2

A very cool feature in Laserfiche Forms on-premise is the ability to send and/or generate emails from a specified "Sender" email address. This feature has been excellent for situations where the target of a task or notification should reply to that department or user if they have any questions. More recently this field has upgraded further to support variables from the process. Which is incredibly useful!

However, if it isn't asking too much, I would really like to see feature parity for this with Workflow's Email Activity if it were possible. 

It is a little known, undocumented feature that the "Sender Email Address" field in the Advanced Options menu of the Email Activity supports Tokens (although formatting is very important).

It would be really awesome if we could get similar token editor support for this field to ensure the values being passed are always compliant. Extra points if there is a safe way to put the from address field at the Email Editor view level (similar to Laserfiche Forms).

Thanks for at least considering the idea team!


PS. In case anyone stumbles across this post while wondering the same thing, in my experience the Sender Address Field supports either:

  • A) or;
  • B) %Token

Use Option B to display a friendly email address if the recipient does not currently have you in their address book. You must format the friendly address as "John Doe" <> within the Token. The Sender Address Field does not seem to support characters like "<" and ">" directly.

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replied on May 3

This feature relies on less secure settings on the mail server (to allow it to send as other mailboxes than the one specified in the configuration page).

Workflow allows you to set "reply to" for mail messages instead. We have no plans to add this feature.

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replied on May 3 Show version history

So just to clarify:

1) The feature of dynamically configuring the Sender Email Address and Reply-To is already supported, although in an undocumented and currently unintuitive way.  

2) Your official position is that you have no plans of making this feature documented or more intuitive (and in line with other products such as Laserfiche Forms) because of <less secure mail settings>?

I could understand if there were "other" reasons, but a configuration with less secure settings is the customer's choice and as I mentioned earlier, this tweak to the interface simply make's the designers life a little easier, and brings the Laserfiche suite of products with similar functions (Email Activities) closer to parity.

Even though I did a search about this topic before posting above, it wasn't until after I posted that I saw a very similar post was raised many years ago asking for exactly the same thing using different terms.

I don't think I'm alone in identifying this as a feature enhancement that has little to no consequence other than to provide customer's (and designers) with the same convenience many other fields that support tokens provide.

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