asked on April 29, 2021

We are making the switch from the Windows client to the web client.  in doing this, we have have to follow the following steps in order to get the Office integration to work:

1. You need to update VC++ 2015 AND 2019 32 AND 64 bit installs on the machine
DO NOT uninstall anything unless we specify otherwise.
2. Once that is done, uninstall the LF web tools and office integration on the machine
3. Run a repair on the MS Office installation in add remove programs
4. Reboot
5. After the reboot, reinstall LF web tools
6. Reinstall Office integration
7. Make sure Add-ins are installed and active for both Word and Excel
8. Test after and update the case with the results.
9. When you test, test with both Word and Excel.
10. If Excel opens in read only mode, test if outside of LF and see if it does the same.
11. At that point, you will have to change the trust in Excel's options .

Once I complete these steps, I can no longer install the Laserfiche Snapshot Printer.  I try to install from the CD using custom and get an error that says components are newer and the install can't complete.  I have also tried to install Snapshot without going through the CD install process but it get to a point and then does a rollback and says the Laserfiche Snapshot 10.4 Setup Wizard ended prematurely.


Anyone have any other ideas as to how to get the Snapshot printer to install?


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