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Forms Email Notification Language

asked on April 7

Hi, our client has suddenly noticed the link in Forms email notification as well as saving the action history in repository has suddenly changed from English to Traditional Chinese. Does anyone have any idea where the language for these items are configured or controlled? As the client would like to change the language back to English. Thanks.

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replied on April 8

Just found the following post, we also noticed errors in the event log for forms are intermittently in Chinese, perhaps we have hit the same bug?

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replied on April 8 Show version history

Email notifications and action history would be saved based on the locale settings of your Forms server machine. The bug about the event logs appearing in Chinese was because a user from China downloaded a report, got an error, and the error was both shown to the user and sent to the event viewer in Chinese. Although similar, I don't think these two issues are related. 

What version of Forms are you on?
Are all email notifications (that are generated by Forms) from every process in Chinese? 
Are they Chinese for all users? 
When saving to repository, is it just action history in Chinese? 

I would first check the locale settings of the Forms server machine. If that doesn't help, please open a support case so we can help troubleshoot further. 

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