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Auto-Assign License to members of LFDS Group

asked on April 7

We've reached a point where we are starting to create LFDS accounts for external users to submit forms and access WebLink documents.

We opted for LFDS accounts because there's no real need for them to be in AD, and this way they can self-reset their password via the STS page.

We place these accounts in LFDS Groups for access rights, but we're hoping there's a way to inherit a license similar to the synchronized AD groups.

You can choose a license when creating users manually of course, but these accounts are being created programmatically, so I was hoping we could set it up to just "inherit" a license based on group LFDS group membership.

I know it can also be done programmatically when the account is created, but it would be nice if it could be handled by LFDS groups instead.

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replied on April 8

Hi Jason, at this time we recommend automatically assigning the licenses as part of your existing programmatic account creation. You can also use enterprise identity management to allow Laserfiche users to directly upgrade their own licenses when needed. We're looking into making this license upgrade flow more seamless like self-registration is (auto redirect during login), as well as adding group based self-licensing rules.

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replied on April 8

Hi Jason,

I've not seen it in the flesh, but could the enterprise identity management add-on help here?

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