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Feature Request: Enable 'Use TLS' in Workflow when using the Deployment Toolkit

asked on March 17, 2021 Show version history

Currently, the Deployment Toolkit 1.0.4 and earlier do not enable the 'Use TLS when connecting to Laserfiche' option in the Workflow Advanced Server Options General tab. Since other communications to the Laserfiche Server have that configured when running the toolkit, it would be nice if it was done with Workflow as well.

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replied on March 18, 2021

@████████ this is a good feature request.

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replied on March 23, 2021

I noticed that the ConfigureDefaultWebSiteHttps.ps1 file 'enables Tls 1.2 for Workflow', but I'm guessing that is the registry key changes and not what I made this request for. If my guess is correct though, shouldn't there be an if else for setting the registry key for Workflow since version 11 is supposed to respect the OS setting for TLS?

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replied on April 2, 2021

Thanks for sharing your idea. 

'enables Tls 1.2 ' in the ConfigureDefaultWebSiteHttps.ps1 file just enable TLS 1.2 protocol on machines, but not for the option 'Use TLS when connecting to Laserfiche' for Workflow.


I added this to our feature requests list, and we will consider supporting this feature later.

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