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Workflow Deployment Fails with Deployment Toolkit 1.0.4

asked on March 17, 2021 Show version history

When deploying Workflow using the Deployment Toolkit 1.0.4, the Config.ps1 file has a path "Laserfiche\Laserfiche Workflow $WfVersion\Utilities\Laserfiche.Workflow.ConfigurationManager.exe" in various places. The $WfVersion is accounted for later in the script, but what was not accounted for was the Program Files folder for version 11 does not include the word Laserfiche in front of it or the version at the end of it. So for version 11 Workflow you have a path that equals C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Workflow.

Can we get a fix for this please?

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replied on March 18, 2021

Thanks for reporting this, Blake. For now, please modify the WFConfiguration\Config.ps1 file by changing

$utilityPath = Join-Path $InstallPath "Laserfiche\Laserfiche Workflow $WfVersion\Utilities\Laserfiche.Workflow.ConfigurationManager.exe"


$workflowBinPath = Join-Path $InstallPath "Laserfiche\Laserfiche Workflow $WfVersion\Web\Laserfiche.Workflow.Web\bin"



$utilityPath = Join-Path $InstallPath "Laserfiche\Workflow\Utilities\Laserfiche.Workflow.ConfigurationManager.exe"


$workflowBinPath = Join-Path $InstallPath "Laserfiche\Workflow\Web\Laserfiche.Workflow.Web\bin"


respectively. We'll work on getting the Deployment Toolkit updated.

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replied on April 15, 2021

Is there a date for when this will be fixed?

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replied on June 8, 2021

Any update on when a fix for this will be released?

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