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Instructions for Adding Audit Trail to Deployment Toolkit Script?

asked on March 9, 2021 Show version history

Looking at the examples of the 1.0.4 Deployment Toolkit I do not see any that reference Audit Trail. I do see that Audit Trail is referenced in the catalog.json file though so I am assuming it is supported in this version. Is there an example of how to add Audit Trail to a 1.0.4 deployment script?

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replied on March 11, 2021

Hi Blake,

     Audit Trail is partially supported in 1.0.4 deployment toolkit, you can add it in the Applications list as following to install it on the same machine as Laserfiche Server and LFFTS:


"Name": "AuditTrail-11.0.0",

"CompleteInstall": true,

"Components": []


It can be installed successfully but deployment toolkit doesn't support configure it also doesn't support install it on a seperate machine as Laserfiche Server and LFFTS.


Will you setup Audit Trail in most of the projects your work on?

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replied on March 12, 2021

Thank you for the information. All of our Avante, Rio, and Subscription projects that have licensing for Audit Trail, we will install and configure it.

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replied on May 5, 2022 Show version history

Hi Blake,

     Audit Trail is fully supported in 1.1.0 deployment toolkit ( both install and upgrade Audit Trail with support of basic settings configuration) , and you can find it from latest Laserfiche 11 package or deployment toolkit version 1.1.0

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replied on March 10, 2021

@████████ any thoughts?


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