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LF Co-Authoring in Hosted Environment

asked on February 19


We have a hosted customer who would like to take advantage of LF Co-Authoring using O365.

The issue we are seeing, is the Office Online Server requires the server, that is running it to be Domain Joined.

Since we are hosting the customer, their LF VM's are not domain joined.

Has anyone else tried to setup LF Co-Authoring in this type of a scenario?

Appreciate the feedback,

Jeff Curtis

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replied on February 19 Show version history

Hi Jeff,

As you found yourself, Microsoft's Domain requirements for Office Online Server state:

All servers in the Office Online Server farm must be part of a domain. They can be in the same domain (recommended) or in domains that are in the same forest.


That said, it's not clear if OOS and Laserfiche need to be on the same domain.

If the customer can host OOS themselves with an External URL reachable by Laserfiche (LFWOPIHost specifically), the co-authoring integration may yet work.

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replied on February 19

We haven't tested OOS on a different domain from the rest of the solution, but I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work (with the exceptions in Sam's link). Communication is all over https, and we do support non-Windows user types.

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