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Pop ups must be enabled to download content in Weblink

asked on January 21, 2021

Hello, we recently upgraded to weblink, and now, if you want to download a document, it requires enabling pop-ups or not having a pop-up blocker, which almost all browsers now have.  Try it out here:  I know there are pages, but this entry also has a pdf.  I have 3 questions, 1) is this something we can configure out of existence?  Trying to educate thousands of citizens to enable pop-ups, or even notice they are being blocked, is about near impossible.  2) if this was intentional, can we get the rationale?  Maybe if we understood why pop-up behavior is now triggered when it wasn't previously can give us some options in mitigating this issue.  3) Can I make a feature request to remove this behavior?  I don't think people should have to notice and allow a pop-up when the download is triggered from the site they are currently viewing.  Has anyone else had issues with this?  Any advice is much appreciated!

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replied on September 16, 2021

It would be really great to get any kind of response on this issue.  I am getting more and more complaints from persons who aren't savvy enough to know when a pop-up is blocked, let alone enabling them for our domain.  Thank you for your time.

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replied on August 9, 2022

We now have customers asking about this issue as well.  Can anybody from Laserfiche chime-in on this?

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