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Search Syntax from Hyperlink has Backwards Slash Inputs

asked on September 17

Hi Everyone,


Coming across a strange issue - not sure if anyone else has come across something similar.


We have a form with a custom HTML field which includes a hyperlink to a Web Client search URL, which is supplied to the form from a workflow.


The link shows the URL it's navigating to, with the proper search syntax. When the link is clicked, it will load into the web client (as expected), however it loads in the syntax with the \ for the repository location backwards (i.e. "\Parks & Recreation\Facilities\Playgrounds" will return as "/Parks & Recreation/Facilities/Playgrounds"), so it returns no results.


Screenshot attached of the example - notice the slashes in the query in the wrong direction, but in the correct direction on the hyper link.





Example.png (29.88 KB)
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replied on September 17

Hi Bryan,

I used this post as a guide and was able to replicate your issue, as well as a fix. 

I'm guessing you're using either a Invoke Business Process activity or a Set Business Process Variables activity in your workflow. In the Properties pane of whichever activity you're using, in the Starting Variable Values area, right-click the token you're using to fill your form variable and open the Token Editor. From there, click "Apply Function," and choose the "Encode URI" function. That will allow workflow to pass your search syntax properly so the link in your form works.

Let me know how that goes!

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