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Laserfiche Server Upgrade 9.1 to 10.4 and migration to a new server

asked on August 26, 2020

Hi there, we have a client who currently have Laserfiche Server 9.1 on a Windows 2008 server. They only have Teams United licenses and their volumes are stored on a secondary drive (D drive). We are looking to upgrade the LF server to 10.4 on the 2008 server and then migrate to a Windows 2016 server as it seems LF 9.1 is not supported on Windows 2016. In this instance, there are no other Laserfiche applications involved (workflow/forms .etc) except for the Laserfiche server. The steps that we will be taking include:


  1. Backup the original server prior to upgrade.
  2. Run the LF Avante 10.4 installation package to upgrade the LF server on 2008 (Then wait for the search indexing to finish).
  3. Backup the original server post upgrade
  4. Create backup of the LF server database (.bak file)
  5. On the new 2016 server install SQL & management studio
  6. Restore the LF server database on the new server.
  7. On the original server, stop the LF server services.
  8. Deactivate to free up the LF server activation key.
  9. Detach the original server's D drive (where the volumes are stored) and attach to the new 2016 server.
  10. On the new server, install the LF server and activate using the retrieved key.
  11. When registering the repository, point to the newly restored database and point to the newly attached D drive volumes.


I have not done a migration before so would just like to check that it is possible, that I am thinking toward the right direction and have not missed any critical steps. Any input from experienced users/administrators/implementers would be really appreciated. Thank you.

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replied on August 26, 2020

I wouldn't bother with the upgrade to 10.4 in place on 2008. As long as your system is 8+ the Laserfiche server contains all upgrade logic at the server levels(first time Laserfiche mounts the repository it will make sure it is the correct version and upgrade it if not).

Rest seems solid, perhaps I would just delete the full text search catalog and fully rebuild it on the new server as it should finish for most places easily over night.

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replied on August 26, 2020 Show version history

Can also verify this. The system has no problem attaching a new install of 10.4 to an older database 9x+. Simply configure your new system and attach the original databases, it will confirm with you that the database needs and update before initiating the update as soon as you attach.

Keep a backup of each database in case there are any problems, so that you can try again.

Also everything can be installed and the databases can be updated before you even need to move any of the physical files. Once you see that everything is working, then go ahead and transfer the physical files.

Technically the system is fully functional (although not all docs can be retrieved) even before the psychical files are done transferring, adding new files to the system mid-transfer would not cause any conflicts.

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replied on August 27, 2020

Thank you so much for the feedback guys. I've a better understanding of the process now.

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