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[Feature Request] Forms: "Send Back" / "Step Back" in Instance Management

posted on February 17, 2020 Show version history

Recently we upgraded to the latest version of Forms 10.4.2 and have been having a blast with these new instance management features. 


I've already used the Skip and Interrupt functions and the impact on processes and outcomes has been material. Thank you for this team, you should be proud.


I know that there have been requests floating around for the ability to "edit" the saved variables of a Form mid-flight, but from an audit perspective I can imagine this is quite a complex thing to manage. What I like about the new Skip / Interrupt feature is being able to comment/note on why you were skipping or interrupting a step in the process.


The feature I feel would complete this amazing set of instance management tools would be the ability to "Send Back" or "Step Back" through the process.


A feature like this would enhance the administration and management of business critical Laserfiche processes (like a mortgage application) that have been built on Forms. 


Use cases for this are plentiful, but I think the most impactful example I can think of is when we get a panicked call from an employee or user who has accidentally selected "Reject" instead of "Approve". Or when a user enters some critical data (like an email address) incorrectly and needs us to edit the previous step/task/form so that we can 'unstick' the process.


Sometimes hitting the "Reject" button has catastrophic implications and results in the process ending. Often times we also see processes terminate when something wasn't quite configured correctly. So, again, just putting it out there, but if we had the ability to use the "Step Back" function to recover a terminated, cancelled or completed process that'd would be amazing.


Thanks again to the forms development team who have really changed the game with the new instance management features, it is seriously appreciated.

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replied on January 6, 2023

Restart a user task in main process is supported with Forms 11 Update 3. With it you can restart completed user task to step back.

You can see other changes of Forms 11 Update 3 from and get Forms 11 Update 3 from Laserfiche 11 package

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replied on February 20, 2020

Glad you like the new 10.4.2 routing features. We're currently prioritizing and building out concepts for

  • Ability to edit saved variables in the Monitor page
  • Jump to step to move the process back to a previous step
  • Reopening a completed instance


I'll add this post as a bump to all 3. 

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replied on February 20, 2020

I can't even contain myself! These feature improvements will be amazing. Thanks @████████ + dev team!


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replied on November 19, 2020

Are there any updates in these changes?  I am interested in the "Jump to step" to move a form to a previous step in a process.

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replied on December 7, 2020

Wanted to follow up on this, our organization could really use the "jump to step" feature to send a form back to a prior step.

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replied on December 7, 2020

We are planning to release the first item on the list in Forms 11 giving process admins the ability to edit saved variables in the Monitor page. We also are looking to reduce the number of terminated instances by instead suspending processes when they hit a roadblock. This should allow a process admin to fix any variable values and retry the instance to keep it alive. 

There are no updates on the other two items at this time. 

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replied on May 19, 2023

I agree. The ability to go back one step or to the last user action is critical for when users select the wrong action. We have had to build some "out" actions that allows just that so it would simplify the process significantly if we could choose to go back a step just as one would skip a step. 

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