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Snapshot Configuration Manager closes immediately on starting

asked on January 9, 2020

We have a user who runs Snapshot normally (select Snapshot as a printer, hit print) but when the settings window pops up, a message box immediately pops up over top asking, "Are you sure you want to cancel  your print job?" When we hit yes, it cancels the print job. When we hit no, it asks her to sign into Laserfiche.

To get around that annoyance I tried to set her to automatically sign in through Snapshot Configuration Manager. I open it, the window barely flashes for millisecond, then closes.

Has anyone seen any similar behavior?

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replied on December 2, 2022

Hello, I am seeing this same problem. Snapshot version User can bypass message, but I'd like to know of a way to not have that pop up.

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replied on August 14, 2023

Any luck with this issue? Thanks

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replied on October 11, 2023

Was anyone able to resolve this issue? If so, how did you go about it? I have a user having the exact same issue. 

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replied on September 29, 2023

We are having the same problem, our version number is 11.0.2102.57. We uninstalled and reinstall, but that didn't help. 

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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replied on November 2, 2023

The steps below resolved our issue:
1.    Uninstalling Snapshot (Laserfiche Client Suite) from the problem computer via "Programs and Features".
2.    Once uninstalled, restart the computer.
3.    Check the snapshot hive is removed from the Current user.

4.    If it is still there, save a backup of the registry then delete the Snapshot8 folder and the problem profile for the current user there.
5.    Then restart the computer again.
6.    Then install the LF client suite to include the Snapshot components.
7.    Test the configuration and the Snapshot installation.


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