posted on August 13

Laserfiche will be updating the latest versions of software packages on the second Tuesday of every month going forward. Patches will still be released as necessary and published with their own knowledge base article. Once a month the most recent patches will be collected and the complete download package will be updated. Using the latest package for new installs will ensure that updates are automatically applied as part of the product installation.

Once a new version is released, packages for the previous version will be updated for 3 months. After that, the older version will only be updated if security issues are discovered. Patches for older versions will still be released as needed. ISO images (for any version) will not be updated after the initial release.

The following packages were updated today:

Laserfiche 10.4.1 (includes Directory Server KB1014055 and Forms KB1014059)
Quick Fields 10.3 (KB1013952)
Import Agent 10.3.1 (KB1013967, KB1014007)
WebLink 10.1 (KB1013994)
Connector 10.3 (KB1013958, KB1014068)

The next round of updates to packages will be on Sept 10.


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