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PDF - Generate Pages - File Size Discrepancy

asked on July 1, 2019

Hi All,


I'm just doing some testing for a customer, and have noticed a massive file size difference when using the native PDF page generation and using snapshot.


Single page colour PDF is 763.74KB,

generated pages when using native PDF option is 27.67MB!

Same PDF when using snapshot setting:-

The page is only 285.18KB.


Can anyone from Laserfiche explain this behaviour, and how can we get the native option to produce smaller file sizes?



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replied on July 18, 2019

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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replied on September 6, 2019

Hi Chris,

Refer to and try setting these two attributes:

[Settings]GeneratePagesRecompressImages with a value of TRUE

[Settings]ImportJPEGCompressionLevel with a value between 0 and 100. Higher values indicate higher quality and less compression.


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