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I have a form with 19 questions. For each question, there is a Yes/No answer. If the user selects No, a checkbox list appears with a choice of issues.

This form is used to check a forklift. The questions are order from the critical ones to the minor ones, so if No is select to a critical question, the user goes directly to the last page (as there is no need to know if the forklift is clean if the brakes do not work).

We would like to use the Report function in Forms to give the supervisor access to the datas (for example, list of forklifts with critical issues this week so the columns would be Forklift number / Date of check/ Issue identified). We do not want to create a second form that summarise the checks.

I have created 3 hidden fields to categorise each check (Critical issue, Issue no critical, All good). The next step is to "summarize" the issue. I would like to have one field named issue. With the way the form works, there should be just one identified issue (or two max, more rarely).

My first idea was to have at the end of the form a field with the identified issue. So I was looking on the way to populate this field.

As the issues are selected checkbox, I cannot used the "global" variable from the dropbox but the individual ones for each possible issue (see screenshot 1 ). I have tried to use the concatenate function to "extract" the issue if the answer is No. It seems to work at the beginning but it created weird things (see my other post :

First I thought it was not a big deal as I wanted to hide this tab/page. But when I tried to add field for the other issues, it gets worse (see screenshot 2).

Does anyone can suggest the best way to archieve what we want ? I hope I was clear enough with my explanations.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts !


Screenshot 1 - Variables.PNG
Screenshot 2 - Summary tab.PNG
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