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Forms Portal License Placement

asked on June 11, 2019 Show version history

We are attempting to configure our public Forms portal and are questioning which server should hold the portal license.  I currently have the portal license assigned to the internal rather than the DMZ server.  Once I assigned the license to the internal server in LFDS, I did download the lf.licx file and copy it to the the bin folder and restarted the Forms routing service.  Can someone please advise where this should be assigned?

The top is the internal server and the bottom is the DMZ server.

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replied on June 11, 2019

According to the White Paper "Hosting Laserfiche Forms 10 in a Perimeter Network (DMZ) found here:

It states the following under Licensing:

Both Forms Essentials and Forms Professional allow for multiple Forms servers. All your Forms servers should have a Forms license of either type. In addition, you will need a Public Portal license to make forms on the DMZ server available to the public.  After adding a public portal license, you can then make any form public. 

So it looks like your Portal license should be installed on the server in your DMZ


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